Overbytez are considered the most powerful of Bytez. They have the ability to entirely takeover all physical technology. They are microscopic at sight, and move extremely quickly. They do not have the ability to spread through code or the internet, only physically.

Information Edit

You can easily recognise Overbytez if they have taken over something, as the device will give off a strange purple glow in lines over it, looking something like this:

If you ever see this, back away immediately, as it will inevitably explode. The first sighting of this strange glow was by a Scottish scientist 'Jacko #0934'. He noticed it while researching new monsters in the area, and in an ironic twist, a new monster appeared in the area. He was fascinated by the glow, and experimented with it for 2 days. After, the device exploded, killing the bug and Jack. There is no saying when the device will explode.

How to kill Edit

It is impossible to kill an Overbyte, as it can only kill itself. It does this by blowing up the object it is latched on to. Until this happens, run.

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