This S-Class monster is a Centered Hybrid connected to the phenomenon known as Loop-Life, or even an Immortal Serial Killer. The thing these guys hate most is BOREDOM.

The Ethereal(Man)HYBRID Edit

Like with the Ethereal Tribes, this inspired a webseries, EMH, or EverymanHybrid. However documents go back to Joe Highman one of the founders of the now inaccessible Hunt Monsters Dead Forums as having made real life progress with hunting these types of monsters. They can control Creatures of Shadow (immortal serial killers) and people have long time exposure to them can become a Creature of Shadow or Immortal serial killer.

Origins Edit

This monster is an evolution of two other ethereal monsters, which had combined due to a force of Nature. The original Leaders of Ethereal Tribes, friends of the Slenderforms, The Ethereal Shamen, were in control of all the monsters that existed in the unsettled lands of the Americas. The Arrival of Ethereal Gentelman to the east coast of what would become the United States disrupted the Powerstructure as the two species came together with in one body, this fused them forever, and caused their minds to change. The rest of the Shamen and American Gentelmen died out as the rest of the tribes met the settlers.

Types of Ethereal Hybrids Edit

There are about 4 types of Ethereal Hybrids, these are Classical, Slave, Formless, and Animal.

Animal Edit

These are animals that are being controlled by Ethereal Hybrids.

Classical Edit

These are the general type talked about in this wiki.

Formless Edit

Not much is know about this type, it's theoretical. If your soul leaves your body while being controlled by an Ethereal Hybrid you may become a formless type.

Slave Edit

This type is quite interesting to say the least. It's under the control of a monster that has the ability to split its soul and separate it from its body, sadly the only person to find one of the monsters died before he could bring back more info.

Hunting Guide Edit

"You Don't hunt Ethereal Hybrids, They Hunt YOU." -Joe.

These words are words to live by, when hunting down a tribe, if an excessively strong ethereal comes at you and tracks you, and seems to follow you, act as if you don't notice. Be as boring as possible, it will draw them in closer and force them to try and see what they can get out of you. After you trap them, you must use the symbol used in the website, and the Discord to sever the bond between the two, and then contain the resaulting person accordingly

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